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    My iMac G5 1.6 Ghz Won't Boot. Shuts Down at Gray Screen. HELP!
    Hi guys. I need some help. I have an iMac G5 that seems to be having some serious problems. It is a 17" 1.6 Ghz w/ 1GB of RAM.

    The problem:
    When I press the power button, I get the beautiful Mac chime, and the LCD turns on to the gray apple screen. I get the spinning gray bars below the apple, and shuts down. Sometimes it doesn't even make it to the gray screen and it shuts down.

    What I have done recently/tried.
    I installed iLife '06 and all the updates a day or two before this began.
    I reset the PRAM.
    I tried booting in luck.
    I tried starting from the factory CD. The drive begins to spin, and then it shuts down.

    When this first happened (yesterday), I started it in safe-mode, and everything looked ok. I zapped the PRAM, and then started it up, and once again, everything looked ok. That was last night. When I got home from work tonight, none of those things worked, and I am now looking for some help from you guys. Any suggestions? Thanks, in advance, for the help.

    BTW, I think I'm running 10.4, but I'm not certain because I can't start it up to tell.

    I also just tried resetting the SMU. I got past the gray screen to the blue screen, and then WHAMO - it shut down. That's the farthest it's gotten today, though. Any ideas? Thanks again, AC.

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    Did you find a way to solve this problem. Because I have the exact same problem with my iMac G5 20" today...

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    Hello to both of you and welcome.

    Check out the links in this post, it might help both of you.

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    I had this problem with my iMac G5. Let me say this, i hope you have a warranty. I took mine to the dealership and it was under warranty (thank god) because they replaced the logic board.

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