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    Question iMac G3 As PC Monitor ?
    Hello all,

    I have a bit of a silly question that has been on my mind for some time now.... i realize macs and pc's should be sepereted and i realize monitors aren't that expensive now a days but i have 2 pc's and my imac g3, anyway one of my pc's do not have a monitor and sometimes i wish i could use my imac g3 as a monitor for it for just a bit to do some windows related stuff without huge lagging, i was wondering if it is possible to use a imac g3 as a pc monitor ? I know you can do it the other way around or use a pc monitor for your imac g3 but that's about all i know and have read, anyone know if this is possible ?

    Any help would deeply be appreciated

    Here is my iMac G3 stats in case it is needed to verify weather or not it can idk:
    Apple iMac G3 Indigo (Model: M5521)
    Processor: 400 Mhz G3 PowerPc
    320MB Ram
    10GB Hard Drive
    CD-ROM Drive
    Network: 10/100 Ethernet
    Modem: 56.6k
    Wireless: Airport Ready
    Ports: 2 USB + 2 Firewire
    Display: 15" Color (13.8" viewable, .28 dp, 95 Hz-800 x 600).
    Onboard Sound With Headphone Jack
    Operating System: Mac O/S/X 10.3.9 And Mac O/S 9.2.2 Installed

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    I assume you could. I know the first G3 iMacs had the standard vga plug inside that connected to the logic board. I am not sure when they discontinued that. If yours has that, you could take it apart and take off that back apple logo and buy a vga extension cable. That's a lot of work if it's possible. Otherwise, I bet you could ruin the G3 by ripping apart the cord and splicing it or whatever you call it to a vga end piece if you know electronics and wiring. Also way too insane.
    I think you can pick up 17" CRT's for $50 these days so I would go that route if you need the 2 PC's running at once.

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