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    Mini Capabilties with more RAM, etc.?
    I'm expecting to buy a Mac Mini and have two questions:

    1. Not familiar with "Core Duo." Does that mean the Core Duo 1.83 is running as if it is a 3.66?

    2. If I have 2GB RAM and the 1.83 Core Duo, I suspect that hardware is enough to run most games (not brand new ones, but something like CS:S, WoW, or Guild Wars). Is that a safe assumption? It seems that if the integrated video is sharing 64MB and the 2GB of RAM, then the processor and that should be able run those games through Boot Camp fine. Yes?


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    It's kinda hard to say if the computer can run those games (just because of the integrated Intel GMA 950 gfx.) The CPU and RAM would dfinately be enough, but the graphics is the main weakpoint. I asked if a mac mini could run CS:S on bootcamp, and someone replied saying that it would probably not be at very good settings, but it would still run O.K.

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    The Core Duo has got two cores, but it doesn't mean it runs everything twice as fast automatically. Ignore the megahertz figures - an older design CPU running at 3.0Ghz will be slower than a newer one running at 2.0Ghz for example.

    The integrated Intel graphics are poor in the Mini and I wouldn't recommend using it to run PC games. You'll be disappointed.

    You're best off with an iMac, and there should be an updated one coming along in the next few weeks.

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