Hello all,

I have a question.... recently i had to wipe out MAC OS X Panther and Mac OS 9.2.2 from my harddrive due to some technical difficulties and relized that the old worn out but still working CD-ROM slot i have will not boot Mac OS CD's due to it being old although it will play audio CD's and such....... anyway i am looking to reinstall Mac OS X Tiger and Mac OS 9.2.2 on it but in order to do that i am pretty sure i will either have to replace the CD-ROM slot, get someone to do the install it using an enclosure firewire HDD case or get a external firewire CD/DVD-ROM case to boot the installation disk off of..... i am thinking about going with a CD/DVD-ROM external firewire case just in case i have any problems in the future and need to reinstall or boot another CD, plus it's cheap and i already have a practically new CD burner lying around that has only been used a few times.... My question is does anone know how to be able to tell the size of a CD-ROM Drive ? I'm not quite sure what kind of firewire, size or if this will help me to reinstall my mac since it's basically wiped out and empty, no mac os or mac os x

P.S. Any links to any firewire CD-RW/DVD-RW or just CD-RW enclosures would be appreciated as well as i cannot seem to find any at a reasonable price or any at all for that matter.