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    Recommended Specs for Broadband (No Joke)
    I'm trying to convert everyone to Macism. So I thought, the iMac G3 is the ideal starting point, because they're relitivly cheap, and easy to maintain/upgrade.

    First on my list is a seven year old boy, who uses his Windows XP Machine (AMD XP 1700+, 512MB RAM) for flash games., Freeloader, Shockwave and the like.

    I'd be installing OS X Tiger on the Computer, what would be your minimum recommended specs for a system (preferably an iMac G3) to run 'Flash Games' smoothly.

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    Um I think that just about any G3 should be upto that.

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    The 233Mhz one certainly isn't...

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    The iMac G3 is like a P3 600Mhz - I'd expect a lot of flash games to stutter running on that.
    They can be surprisingly cpu intensive!

    You'd be much better off going with a Mac Mini and his current monitor.

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    From my experiences 400mhz is needed for 10.4. And 512 MB ram is nice also. My old 33mhz imac didn't like it at all. But it ran 10.3 just fine.

    I agree with the above advice. Keep the old monitor/mouse/keyboard and just get a mac mini.

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    imac G3 450MHZ 512 RAM DVD
    I can say that on my 450MHZ with 512RAM running 10.3.9 can't stand up to most webgames

    The G4 towers don't cost too much but the most cost effective thing would be to keep the PC.

    At any rate I don't think he'd be happy with the G3

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    I am not sure of the specs of a AMD 1700+ but I had a 2200+ PC I built a few years ago and it was a workhouse. It was far superior than any G3 iMac. If you want something that will last a few years and be upgradable, you need a PowerMac. I've purchased 400MHz G3 PowerMacs for the same price I've purchased G3 iMacs ($80 with shipping.) You could get a nice G4 PowerMac for $400 or something. I was researching dual 1.25Ghz machines last week and they go for around $550 on eBay. I would think that's comparable to or a little faster than the 1700+ AMD.

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