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Thread: New hard drive-Please HELP

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    Unhappy New hard drive-Please HELP
    I just installed a new hard drive (Seagate 500GB Ultra ATA/100) on my G4 with Dual Mirror Doors.
    My old 80 gig drive is full (78.8 GB)
    I can't get it to work.
    Disc Utility recognizes.
    I click on "New Image"
    Type in name of new drive.
    Select Desktop for "Where"
    Select "read/write" for image format.
    Click on "Save"
    I get a window that says "image/device is too large"

    What am I doing wrong?

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    Are you just trying to format the drive or trying to copy the old drive image to the new one?

    To format it, select the drive in Disc Utility and select ERASE, select the format from the drop down and then erase.

    To copy the partition/system from the old drive, do the above and then use an App like Carbon Copy Cloner.

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    Erase helped
    I'm putting in a new drive as my current drive is FULL. 1.2 Gigs left.
    Erase helped.
    I'm to the next phase of installation.
    I still get the message "device is too large"
    This will be my primary drive when I'm done.
    I'm using DataBackup 3 for transferring files.


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