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    Have an extra HD , want to use it as an external HD for my mini
    My Tivo HR10 died and they sent me another one. Last year I upgraded my Tivo with an extra HD for additional hours. NOw that my unit is dead, I want to use it as an external HD for my mini for videos and back up.

    Can someone break it down for me? Thank you in advance.

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    I am not sure what the question is.

    If you want the HD that is easy - crack the case and stick it into an external enclosure - should cost less than $75. Buy a case that is at least USB2 or Firewire. GIGO principle really applies. If the drive in the original Tivo is older than 2.5 years then probably now worth the effort to reuse.

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    The question is , how can I use my extra Hd on my mini?
    Where do i buy the external HD kit, if that is what you talking about. And you said that is $75

    On we on the same page?

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    Open up the Tivo, take the hard drive out, and stick it in an external hard drive enclosure, you can get them at all sorts of places on the internet, google it.

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