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    New Mac User - questions
    Hi -
    I am a long time PC user but after a few years at college I can't help but get interested in Mac's (everyone has a mac). I do know a fair amount about PC's - however little about mac's. I have been interested in a mini (since I am only interested in spending so much) and am curious if anyone has any useful information I could use about mac ownership and using macs.

    My intention was on purchasing a mini, and adding some additional memory (how many memory slots are available on a mac). Monitor, mouse, etc are easy to obtain - and go from there.

    Furthermore, is anyone privy on any information on mini upgrades, redesigns, new pricing etc that they could let me in on, and if I can find any deals when purchasing a mini.

    Any information I would appreciate.


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    There's an entire site/forum dedicated to the mini:

    Give them a try. Other than that just performing searches on this forum, I don't have any personal experience using them.
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