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alaceo 06-28-2007 01:48 PM

B&W G3 - Boot from IDE?
I have an old B&W Rev.1 G3 PowerMac that I'm trying to setup Ubuntu Server on. I had it working to a point where it's internal SCSI card could boot from Ubuntu after installation or after I'd reinstall the bootloader from the CD. But once the system shut down, it'd forget it had a bootloader and flash the dumb folder question mark at me. I'd have to reinstall it from disk to get back into Linux. Also - when I came into possession of it, it had some version of MacOS on the drive, but it wouldn't boot from it anyway.

I assumed this was the hard drive's fault (and it was only 10gig) so I bought a 120gig IDE hard drive and the installer recognizes it, but upon restart it can't boot linux on its own or through Open Firmware.

I have it plugged in directly to the IDE port on the logic board that the CD & Zip drive are not hooked to (meaning I have 2 cables, a cable for the HDD, and another for the CD & Zip) and the jumper on the HDD is set to master. Oddly enough, Ubuntu's installer read's it as "IDE2 Slave 120.0GB".

Anyway, I was wondering it anyone had any ideas as to why this isn't working?

Thus far I've tried:
Changing the CD drive's jumpers
Resetting PRAM
Removing the old SCSI controller card
A few other things

Any advice, knowledge, ideas would be greatly appreciated.

cradom 06-28-2007 11:04 PM

The Rev 1 B&W's have problems with large drives and the onboard drive controller. Check here for all the info you could want on this machine:
I had to install an IDE controller to use my 120 gig drive.

alaceo 06-29-2007 12:13 AM

I was kinda hoping that wasn't since I purposely stayed under the 137 limit. Irony is in the air. I was trying to avoid spendin cash on an IDE controller when I can get a Graphite G4 for the same price (which is tempting because the Sawtooth/Digital Audio models are my favorite comp towers)

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