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    Thinking of getting mac pro
    Well, I'm an old PC person myself, and now that Vista came out I'm finally moving over to the stabler platform. I personally like doing things like using Zbrush and running Doom 3 as hobbies, but mostly just want to have a computer that's really, really powerful.

    Even though, I'm having a lot of debating in my mind since it is, after all, quite expensive.

    I guess one of my top questions at the moment is if the video card that comes with it is good. I know a lot of sites say it's trash, not a gaming video card, etc. But I used to run doom3 on 640x480 with shadows on my 32mb geforce videocard on a laptop in the "old days"... and I was easily impressed with its 30fps running smoothly almost always (except the level where you take the monorail on mars).

    So I don't think I need to run the latest and greatest games on FULL specs with high fps, I just want to know if a 256mb video card (dubbed 'anemic' by some reviewers) would do the job.

    Also, I'm wondering if 1Gb RAM is enough? These days you see a lot of computers coming equipped with 2Gb...

    Anyways, I guess those are the questions that are on the top of my mind at the moment, I'm probably getting it with default configuration and MIGHT give it some more RAM, but getting a new video card is probably out of the question for me..

    Any comments are appreciated.

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    A Mac pro will run games quite well in the standard configuration. I would suggest at least 2 gigs of ram, just not Apple ram, too expensive. My Pro has the Nvidia Geforce 7300 gt card with 256 ram and it runs games quite good.

    I run both Mac games and pc games on the pro. I use Parallels v.3 to run the pc games and have been having decent luck in getting them to run. I run 3 of the Medal Of Honor series, Call of Duty, and Doom 3, all run quite well. On the Mac side i run BattleField 1942, First to Fight, and Halo.
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    Thanks a lot James, your comment is very helpful. Now I know I won't have to switch the graphics card yet at least.

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    I've recently purchased a Mac Pro (last Feb), being a VERY long time DOS/Windows user. I may get flamed from the "I hate Windows" group, but if you are purchasing the Mac to be a game PC, check out what is available...not 1/10 of what's out for the PC, and good luck finding discounted prices. In those Mac vs. PC guy commercials, you'll notice they never talk about the mac used as a game computer.

    You might want to consider getting the upgraded video card when you purchase the Mac Pro and save yourself $100. There's only three cards available, but you'll need to get a second mortgage for the top of the line card, and its not really a gaming card.

    There are other pro/cons about switching from PC to Mac, but your initial concerns seemed to be centered on playing games, so that's what I addressed.
    Richard Higgins

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