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    G4 Quicksilver PSU?
    Hi everyone.

    I just passed my old G4 quicksilver tower to my younger brother after adding an upgraded sonnet 1.2ghz processor instead of the sluggish 733mhz that it had originally.

    Problem is that it keeps shutting down.... I had Sonnet replace the processor and I put in a new pram battery but the problem persists.

    Hence my suspicion that the old PSU ain't up to it anymore?

    What are my options? replacement PSU? if so are there compatibles as Apple
    does take the Michael somewhat with it's pricing on them.

    Any ideas?

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    I ran a quick search on the internet and found PSU's here:

    I'm sure you'd have to look around a bit on the site to locate the exact unit, but I think it's a good place to start, as they have G3 through G5 power supplies.

    Also, you might want to have someone knowledgeable with apple products check out the G4's main board. I had a PC years ago that had a similar problem, but if I recall, it turned out to be a faulty motherboard (don't remember if it was that or a bad bios chip on the board in particular). Not saying that's what's going on with your machine, but it never hurts to eliminate that possibility.

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