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    Smile Advice for G4 CPU upgrade?
    I'm looking to upgarde my G4 digital Audio processor. There seems to be 4 or 5 companies out there vying for this kind business. Any advice would be much appreciated:

    I'm particularly concerned about compatibility issues, either with software or third party hardware - (just changed my CD drive)?

    I was also wondering about noise regarding cooling fans, etc. can I expect a quieter machine if I upgrade, or not? Would a single processor be quieter than a dual?

    Finally, can anybody recommend a particular make, that's easy to install, etc.

    Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks

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    I did this some years ago on my G4 Sawtooth box. I went with PowerLogix and had zero problems. In fact, my sister in law is currently running that 1.25Ghz processor on her G4 Mac (I gave it to her when I got my Quad).

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    I understand that you might have had your G4 for many a year now and may want to keep it, but G4 Upgrades are expensive, get a second hand G5 instead

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    Thanks for comments lads,

    I've been looking at Powerlogix.

    If I was going to get another Mac it was going to be a laptop because I'm a photographer, and keep my G4 to run my scanner and printer. But am I right in assuming that even the latest powerbooks still use G4 CPUs because the G5s emit so much heat? I must admit I could be wrong, I haven't looked into this.

    Can you recommend a G5 to get 2nd hand?


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    Mac laptops switched from PowerPC chips to Intel chips in January 2006, when the PowerBook name was dropped in favour of MacBook and MacBook Pro.

    Check out

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