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    Installing a DVDRW to G4 IMAC
    As title, i have a DVDRW in my windows machine which i no longer use, can i just put it in my iMac g4 and it will work straight off?

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    I cannot say for sure... I've never tried. The iMac is a tray load, correct? I assume it could work. My worry is if the tray is too wide for the narrow opening the iMac leaves for the current tray. Maybe you could cut off some of the front faceplate??
    Google it to see if it's possible for you to take apart your Mac and do this. There should be plenty of walkthroughs with people trying the exact same thing.
    I've never had a problem using PC parts in Macs. Ok, once I tried shoving a 16x DL DVDRW into a very old G3 PowerMac without success.
    Good luck.

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    You can, but it would be easier to buy an external FireWire case and hook it up that way.

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