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    A kinda big question
    Allright guys,
    Later this year, I will begin my 3 years multimedia / 3d design technique and I'm about to buy a iMac.

    Now the big question is... wich model should I buy?

    I know that the new exploitation system (Leopoard) is coming soon but I just can't wait until october to get my hands on a new computer.

    Now, let me tell you that I do play alot of video game on my current computer (for example, Warcraft 3) and I've heard that a couple of publisher will also make a mac version of their upcoming games.

    What should I do?
    I already know that I want at least 1gig of rams and I want to be able to play some games but the main reason why I buy the iMac is for designing. Does the videocard will handle some games like warcraft 3 and some upcoming games... Otherwise I would like to know if there any good videocard for Mac out there because I'm ready to invest more money into my iMac.

    Is there really a big difference between the 20inches(ATI Radeon X1600 Pro) and the 24inches'(NVIDIA GeForce 7300GT) videocard?

    Thanks alot,

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    If you are planning on doing 3D work, then you will also need to get the 256MB version of whatever graphics card you choose.
    You will also want at least 2 - 3 GB of system RAM... 1GB simply won't cut it for 3D design work. Keep in mind as well, that you will need a very high resolution for good details. The larger 24" offers more screen real estate and a higher resolution.

    In all honesty though, I would recommend stepping up to the Mac Pro. The iMac can handle the design apps and demands, but it will ultimately strain on them. iMacs are consumer level machines designed and intended to be the "Everyman's computer".
    For serious design work, the professional machines will perform best. Yes, they cost more, but that is what they are designed and intended for.
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    i would reccomend the 20" as this has a good video card and a large screen. You can upgrad the ram (a lot cheaper than apple doing it for you)(very easy to do).

    if you are able to afford it get a basic mac pro or even a macbookpro which has the power and graphics but is portable.

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