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Thread: New Mac Pro!!

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    New Mac Pro!!
    My brand new Mac Pro just came today!!!! I am soooo excited!! My 1st Mac ever. I use a Mac at work but never owned one.

    Quick question... I just found out that I bought a 4 core system. When I was speking it out it said 2 3.0 ghz dual core zeon... i thought it was just saying 2 two times. NOT 2 - Dual (2) core processors. Thats correct right?

    So my question is. How does the 4 core processors work. My Dell comp is a 1.7 ghz P4... how can I compare that with the Mac? I know its not 3ghz x 4 = 12ghz. But what does it mean?

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    It simply means that there are 4 3Ghz cores working in tandem. The machine speed is still 3 Ghz, there are just more processing cores to handle the load.

    One thing to keep in mind is that while OSX itself will take advantage of all 4 cores whenever it can, not all Applications will. Some will only use one core and some will use all 4 just not to their full capacity.

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