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    Decisions.. decisions..
    Do you personally think i should wait for leaopard to come out to buy the iMac? i really want/need one, since this one is dying out, i am also wondering if i should get it running Tiger today, and get leopard for it later, also, when the iMacs in october come Pre-installed with leopard, do you think they would cost more? and lastly, Is there a chance for a new iMac to come out soon? i don't want to buy it now if it is going to be semi-outdated in a few months or so.

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    The iMac line is bound to get upgraded in the near future, so my personal opinion is that you wait for Leopard, or maybe even longer to wait until all the bugs are discovered and fixed via. updates.
    Brendan Welsh
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    also, if i were to buy it soon, would you suggest any upgrades? (17in. 1.83GHz) is the .17GHz more worth the $100? and any other things i should consider upgrading? I mostly do Media Editing (Photoshop in particular)

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    Photoshop isn't greatly affected by processor speed, from what I have read. It's more about RAM. With such a beautiful computer, I would recommend that you upgrade the Processor, RAM, and if you play games or Render 3D, the video card.

    I still think you are better off waiting. The iMac is overdue for an upgrade, and rumor has it they will be dropping the 17'' and making the 20'' the smallest model, probably for the price the 17'' used to be. They also rummored a "steel" iMac, much like the MacBook Pro line.
    Brendan Welsh
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    I can't really back you up in your claim that Photoshop isn't processor intensive, in fact it's filters heavily depend on processing power, even Apple demonstrates their processors' power with image manipulations.

    As I always say, if you need a computer now, get it now. If you can afford to wait, I can recommend waiting at this point, because Leopard is a very polished OS and will be worth it alone. If new iMacs come out, I cannot say, but that would just be cream on top.
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    I've read many places saying that processor speed isn't greatly effective in Photoshop, but I've never seen any numbers. If I am wrong, I apologize for giving false info. That was just from Word of Mouth and experiences I've read about.
    Brendan Welsh
    Aluminum Macbook Owner

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    with everything riding on the iPhone, I doubt we're going to see a revamped iMac line by the time Leopard is released. I went ahead and bought the 24" about two months ago and have never looked back.

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    If you decide on buying now I think it'd be worth it upgrading to the 2.0Ghz 17-inch model, you'll get an extra 512Mb ram, superdrive, and the ATI graphics card.

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    i wonder how long it'll be 'till they start shipping with Leapord.

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