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Thread: adding a second superdrive - what is "cable select?"

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    adding a second superdrive - what is "cable select?"
    I'm thinking about saving a bit and getting a refurbished Mac Pro and then adding more RAM and a second SuperDrive. It looks easy to add the Superdrive except for one thing - they mention setting the second drive using "cable select" for it to be detected by the OS. I can't find any information on what this really means I would need to do....can u help a novice Mac user? Thanks.

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    Cable select means that the hardware will determine what is the primary and secondary CD/DVD drive based off where it is connected on the IDE cable. I believe that most optical drives that ship today ship with cable select enabled. If not there is a small little jumper on the back of the CD drive. If you have any doubt as to if its set right look the manual that came with the drive. and it should say how to change it.

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