Im looking to upgrade my iMac g3 700 with 768ram and tiger,
But im on a really tight budget with no summer job,
And I am thinking about purchasing a PowerMac g3 from ebay with nothing but a 300mhz processor in it, and taking the (PC-133) ram out of my iMac and putting it in the PowerMac, and the same for the hard drive.

As for the processor, im thinking of spending $159 for an upgrade card to 1ghz.

Would that be a big upgrade compared to my iMac??

OR would it be a better deal if i traded in my iMac for $175 and buy a PowerMac g4 AGP 1.4ghz via sonnet upgrade card with 192mb RAM for $275+shippin, and the only thing i would have to upgrade is the RAM, which i may end up buying a 512 stick of ebay and adding 256 of extra RAM.

But if i traded in my iMac, i would have to pay shipping, and pay shipping to buy the PowerMac g4.

Would i get a lot more for my iMac off ebay?
I would do craigslist but its so rual around here i dont think anyone where i am even sells things on there.

Thanks in advance,