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    Opening up an iMac g5...
    I've had my powerpc iMac g5 since November of 05...The DVD drive recently bit the dust...I got a new one, (the superdrive, just like I had) and I've found taking apart the mac IMPOSSIBLE. Everywhere I find instructions, they all say the same thing about taking the three screws out from underneath and lifting it up easily, but that doesn't happen. I have to FORCE it like crazy, and when I do that, the entire computer lifts up out of the shell(front of the computer) it was in.

    Can anyone help? I really would like to get this thing up and running, and I just CANT GET IT OPEN!

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    Jun 19, 2007
    Note, my mac does not appear to have the same screws as this one...

    <img src="">

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    Not sure if this makes any difference either, but mine has the usb ports/etc. going horizontal across the back, not vertical like I've seen in many other pictures...

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    November 05... I believe the iMac G5 with iSight is not openable by the user. These iMacs only have a RAM-Bay at the bottom.
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    Your'e forcing it
    The screws don't actually come out they just undo and stay in the shell then the casing should lift from the bottom. The hardest part is clipping it back in at the top.

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    Well there's GOT to be a way to open it, right?

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