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    Is there a X1900 Driver for QUAD Xeon Mac Pro?
    Hello everyone,

    I just unpacked a new mac pro with quad xeons and went to go grab the ati drivers as i assumed if they were installed at all, they'd need updating. But it seems ATI only have one for dual core xeons, and wont install on my system.

    I know i'll feel like an idiot when someone tells me what's up, but hey, i don't know!

    Anyone help me out?


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    if the computer came with the card, you do not need to download any drivers or update anything. The beauty of apple.
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    i've done about 8 different google searches and i cant seem to find anything i guess i'll kinda fell like an idiot too. lol

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    I dont need drivers? Its worrying me that the FPS im getting on second life is worse than my 3yr old nvidia card.....

    and why would i not be able to at least find drivers? weird...

    thx for the replies, if anyone can add more detail i'd love to hear it!

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    This isn't a windows machine. It's rare to ever need drivers.

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    Am still a newb when it comes to those type of hardware questions with the Mac. But, I would think buying any Apple is similar to the way Dell deals with video card and other hardware manufacturers.

    If you bought a Dell with an ATI card, for many years you could not download a driver for it from ATI. (Do not know if this is still the case. I would presume it is, but I have not kept up with this issue since I quit doing tech support for them.) It would not work. This is due to Dell making a deal to have ATI sell them a less expensive product, but still with the name on it. Some of the features are not present in the card itself, and in some cases the card could be underclocked a considerable amount from the retail version of the card. Part of the agreement to get the cards at that price point had Dell agreeing to provide the support and write at least a portion of the driver for the hardware they purchased.
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