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    nvidia quadro fx 4500 video card
    Has anyone bought a config with this high-end card? Despite the huge price difference from the ATI X1900, I'm considering it as I've read many posts here and elsewhere that view the ATI card as older technology....any opinions either way? Thanks.

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    MacPro 3Ghz Quad, 4Gb, QuadroFx4500,OSX10.4.10, 30"Lcd, 12" G4 PB, 1.33Ghz, 768MB Ram, OSX 10.4.9
    Hi Designer,

    I've Got a 3Ghz Quad-Core, 4Gb Ram and the QuadroFx4500.

    I can't compare this Graphics Card to the ATi as i haven't used one in the MacPro, but from what i've read and what My Card does, is that if you want a Gaming Card go for the ATi, but if your into Graphics Intensive Work (AfterEffects, Cinema4D, Photoshop etc) and Have The Money go for the QuadroFX, when i use AfterEffects with some fairly big compositions, the Graphics card Does alot of the Work, i can't wait to pump more ram into it.

    Again though, If your a gamer don't get the Quadro, if your a Video Editor/VFX User then it's the Best Card Available for the MacPro To Date.

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