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lesdrus 06-18-2007 05:05 AM

Issues with Superdrive
Hi there

I am having problems with my superdrive and blank discs. My Macbook Pro doesnt want to recognise the blank cd and I now cant find a way of ejecting the disc from the drive.

Any ideas greatly received


beast 06-18-2007 11:28 AM

same problem
I myself bought a new Macpro and am facing the same ejecting problem. There are 2 ways i found out to come around this.

1. Restart your Mac and keep holding the mouse button down (keep pressed). Then while rebooting the drive ejects.

2. I just found out couple of minutes before is that the Finder wont show the eject button but just start your itunes and there you will find the option of ejecting.

I know this is not the solution but just a round way method to get over it.

Now let me trying burning a disc for I havent tried that yet.

cwa107 06-18-2007 11:34 AM

There should also be an Eject button on your keyboard. Press and hold it down for several seconds to eject the drive. If there is an icon on the desktop for the CD, the normal method would be to drag it to the trash to eject.

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