Hi everyone. I just purchased my first mac. I bought the original mac mini g4 1.25, from a guy off craigslist.org From him I also bought a dvr-k06 DL burner. I installed it and am having a problem. When I put a blank dvd+r into the drive, it ask me what I would like to do and shows in on the desktop. Now when I put in a blank cd-r it just spins for a minute and then kicks it out. never shows up on the desktop or ask me what I would like to do. I have tried a couple different brands of cd-r's, do I have a bad drive?

Oh a little more info I was able to burn on the dvd+r, and I made a backup of my photos on my xp machine (on a cd-r), but the mac mini just kicked it back out. Thanks, for your time