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    battery handling
    Hi, I just got a macbook a couple of weeks ago. I mostly use it at home so I can just plug it into the wall and work. My question is, what is the best way to handle the battery. Should I keep it in the computer or put it seperatly? Also should I keep it charged or discharged? Or maybe I should just work straight from the battery and only charge it when necessary?

    Thank you

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    keep the battery in the bay and don't take it out. this is your cheap insurance to have working macbook regardless of power issues.

    if you accidentally unplug the power cord while your battery's out it will harm your laptop and data in it (not to mention the hard drive and other components being electrically cut off and not switched off properly).

    batteries are also cheap nowadays, so in a few years time i don't see any reason why not to buy a replacement battery if yours becomes weak.

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