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    Question Question about processor upgrade
    I recently purchased a powermac quicksilver with an 8.67 ghz processor. I want to upgrade the processor. My question is can I just buy another 8.67 ghz processor, or do I have to buy the dual processors together??? Sorry for the stupidity of this question, but I'm a new mac user - very excited to ditch PC though!

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    In all G4 powermacs CPU sits on the processor card, both dual and single configurations. so you cannot just drop in another processor beside the old one. you can however replace the card altogether with faster card. you'll find some links here:
    dual 867 G4 is a nice tower, I still use it sometimes at work (to run some classic apps). I think fastest upgrade available is dual 1.8 Ghz. its around 600$ I believe.
    I suggest you buy mini instead. with it you'll have great, up to date mac experience.
    oh, and buy the way, G4s are awfully loud.

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