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    Unhappy Strange power button problem on my G4 dual ghz
    My G4 desktop has a predictably flakey power button.

    The power button doesn't work, but if i unplug and replug the power cord then it'll work and the machine will boot up normally.

    Then if I shut down and try it again the next day I'll experience the same problem.

    I thought maybe the SAFT lithium battery had run down since I don't use this desktop as much anymore so I replaced it with a new one. This had no effect - everything is just the same.

    I don't see what unplugging the power cord would have to do with the button on the front.

    Any ideas on what's going on or how to fix it?


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    Sounds like it's latching somehow, either bad logic circuit or the button itself is stuck.

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    what's to be done about a bad logic circuit? would that account for it working each time if i unplug it?

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