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    Advice wanted please :)
    Hi guys and girls!

    I'm looking at replacing some different bits and bobs with a Mac Pro and wondered what people would recommend and if anyone knows of any good places to get refurbished Macs in the UK?

    I currently have a mac mini acting as a test webserver, phone machine, and itunes server. I also have a Lacie MiniDisk ethernet backup drive which my MBP backs up to daily, I do site backups to it and it stores my itunes library.

    I want to get a Mac Pro to do it all in one and for me to use as my day to day machine. I get a little bit sick of having to plug everything in and out of my MBP depending on whether I'm working at the desk or not. Lazy I know but there you have it.

    I know I don't need a top of the range Mac Pro - same will say I probably don't need one - but don't know what to look at.

    I use the following apps sometimes all open at once

    1. Dreamweaver
    2. Photoshop (CS2)
    3. Fireworks
    4. llustrator
    5. Safari / Firefox / Opera
    6. Neoffice
    7. Cyberduck
    8. Parallels running XP whihc has IE6 / IE7 open
    9. Adium
    10. other little bits and bobs.

    Thanks for any advice or recommendations,


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    I'd go for iMac 24" or if you already have a nice monitor, the mac pro 4x2GHz will give you all you need. get some more RAM as well.

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