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    Angry iMac G4: How to wiggle the chassis out?
    This picture is from

    This is where I am stuck. I have all of the screws holding the chassis in out. I should be able to remove it now, but it's stuck. I *think* it is stuck at the cd tray. The bezel on the tray is sticking out a little far over the "windowsill" and I can't push the drive down at all. The whole assembly wiggles out some at the bottom of the drive, but barely at all at the top. I've tried pushing it up from the bottom but that doesn't help. I've been at this on and off for four hours now. Any suggestions (other than using a hammer).

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    It's a miracle! I finally forced it out, it was the disc tray that was stuck. Now I can't get the stupid power supply out of the hard drive. Is it supposed to just pull out, or is there a trick to it?

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