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    When all else fails: Getting a stuck CD out of iMac g3

    I recently had a CD stuck in my iMac g3, and it was awful, and i just thought i might post this and hopefully it may help someone out.

    I tried all the methods, paperclip hole, paperclip in the side of the slot, holding the mouse button while rebooting, all that, and nothing worked. I was thinking okay, its time to replace the CD drive.

    So I went to take the case off,

    And i removed the 6 screws on the back/bottom, (2 by the vga port, 2 above that, 2 below)
    And then i removed the bottom part of the case which exposed the speakers, headphone jack, power button, and the CD drive.
    I planned on taking off the top housing part, but i didnt know what i was doing so i ended up with the bottom part off, but it had a happy ending.
    With the CD drive exposed, i thought, hmm, maybe i can get it out with the cover off,
    So i plugged my iMac in and turned it on and took my paperclip and hit the eject hole, then i saw the CD pop up, but not out.
    I grabbed a tiny pair of needle-nose pliers, and slid them a little bit into the cd drive and grabbed the cd and yanked,
    A loud horrendous cracking noise later i thought, oh great, the drive is done for, but then i tried a CD in the drive and it worked!
    I was greatly relieved.
    All was well in Mac land again.
    I replaced the bottom and everything was back to normal,
    So if you have this problem, try this before buying a new CD drive,
    Im happy i did.

    But be careful once you take the bottom off to not put and sort of pressure on the headphone jack and speakers.

    Happy retrieving!


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    good to hear that everything is back to normal.

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    i have a g3 running OS 9 and if it ever gets stuck i just go to Apple CD player and press eject. Works like a charm.

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    Ooh, I've had that happen on my MB. Gently shaking out the disk helps.

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