I downloaded coolbits for windows to overclock it.


It's very simple, install it and the settings will appear as a tab in the nvidia settings when you right click on the desktop and go to properties.

You can either ajust the core and memory speeds yourself or you can have it find the optimal settigns automatically.

I had it find the best settings for me. My core speed went from 350mhz to 416 mhz. The memory speeds went from high 300's to 474 mhz.

In terms of gaming I can now run Test Drive Unlimited at 1600x1050 with around same FPS as I did with it at stock clock speeds at 1024x768.

The tempurature rose on the GPU about 8 degrees from around 63 loaded to 70.

I plan on buying this cooler. I like this one because I dont need to find a powersupply for a fan and its higly rated. Once I buy this I will try to overclock it a bit more.

Keep in mind it will only be overclocked while in windows.

I relize that I should just go out and buy the ATI, but for people like me who don't have $400 to buy one and like to game decently; this is a good choice