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    This thing heats up my room
    My room is a decent temperature until I bring the Mac Pro out of sleep mode. Then, after a few hours or so, it's hot in here. Any possible way to cut down on the hot air coming out of this thing? Besides those huge expensive wooden cabinets you can put your computer in which not only cools it, but keeps it 100% quiet.

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    You have a powerful system, so it will run hot. That heat needs to go somewhere, so the fans blow it out the case. So essentially, you have a heater in your room, which would explain why it feels so hot.

    The only way to really cut down on heat is to use a different cooling method, such as water cooling or phase change. Unfortunately, Macs aren't really designed for the user to be able to change the cooling mechanism, at least not without some modding (which would obviously void the warranty).

    If your Mac Pro is near a window, you could always put a duct on the exhaust fans and direct it outside so that your room doesn't heat up as much.

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    there was a long running joke a while back around here about me not needing a heater in my room during the winter because my powermac was folding all the time.

    easiest solution, open your window a bit and/or invest in a small 10 dollar fan to help circulate air

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