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    iMac upgrade queries
    Hey, I'm going to buy the 17" (better model) iMac next month but i wanted an upgraded hard drive and ram. I'm not paying apples ridiculous prices and just wanted to check something, since some people have had problems with their seagate drives not being recognized with their Imacs?

    I'm planning to purchase a Samsung HD501LJ 500gb hard drive. will this drive cause any problems if i buy it? if not, what 500gb hard drive would you guys recommended which is fast and around a similar price.

    Also It states in the description "Max. 167GB Formatted Capacity per Disk". what does this actually mean? i have to have 3 different partitions? just need some clarification here on what it means exactly.

    also, I'm going to buy a 2gb ram kit from the crucial website. I wanted to know whether this crucial ram will work in combination with the 1gb stick provided by apples (samsung?) ram which is already in the Imac? or will the be some complications because its different? i've mixed ram in my pc but not sure since ive never upgraded a mac.


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    I think that buy changing your hd in the iMac you will be voiding your warranty.

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    I don't think it will void your warranty, however it will be quite difficult

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    Here is a list of user-replaceable parts on the iMac:

    iMac DIY Parts

    The hard drive is not listed, which means it WILL void your warranty to replace it on your own.

    I would suggest buying the biggest hard drive you can afford and then upgrade the memory yourself. Or buy a decent sized drive and get yourself an external hard drive.

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    well i found a manual with the link u just give me

    and the first thing it states is "Follow the instructions in this sheet carefully. Failure to follow these instructions could damage your equipment and void its warranty."

    so from that. i think its saying, if u break something else whilst changing ur hard drive, ur warranty will be void. not if u just change ur hard drive your warranty is void.

    tbh it doesn't look very difficult anyway but erm, i was also considering just buying a mac mini with 2gb ram upgrade since i already have a 26" lcd hd tv. i think the mac mini will work okay with it? it has a pc connector. that way i can just buy the LaCie mini external hard drive and save some hassle.

    do you guys know what hard drive is in the mac mini at the moment? the 1.83ghz model. i know they use to be 4200rpm? but im not sure whether they have upgraded to 5400rpm now? thanks

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    You have a iMac G5 or iMac Intel? G5 HD replacement is DIY, however the Intel models are not and your warranty would be voided if you proceeded to go into the machine.

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    oh. thanks for that.

    i might just buy a mac mini anyway, although i heard they're being discontinued :S

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    Here is website that shows you how to do it.

    Be warned. Intel Imacs are VERY fusssy about the make of hard drive they support. Something in the Bios I think. If it were me I'd spec the biggest hard drive from new. Apple Imacs are not easily upgradeable.

    One thing I'm glad of switching for is that it has rid me of that constant upgrade thing. With my PC I was ALWAYS looking to upgrade. Now,...

    I just use my lovely 24" Imac and forget about it.

    Good luck !

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