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Thread: iMac G4 neck support and parts breakdown

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    iMac G4 neck support and parts breakdown
    Hello, I am trying to fix the ole' loose G4 iMac neck problem and am looking for a good resource to such ends. I need a parts breakdown and a nice pic tutorial would be good. I am also hoping to find a tool for tightening the neck. Thanks --Jake

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    Maybe look for the Micro Solution's Neck Tool Pro Hinge Kit & Tool on eBay. Or find a dead iMac G4 and take the neck assembly from it and put it in yours. Be aware that some say it isn't a walk in the park as repairing jobs go.

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    Apr 10, 2007
    Ebay doesn't seem to have one right now. Anybody here have one they want to sell?

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    There was a tool available: Maybe you could find a second hand one.
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    Yeah that's exactly the one I linked to in my post above. It's discontinued that's why I suggested eBay.

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