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Thread: PCI-e Video Cards w/ a Mac Pro?

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    PCI-e Video Cards w/ a Mac Pro?
    I currently have a pretty decent gaming PC, but I also have one of the newer Intel MBPs and never use my Windows box anymore since I can run Parallels on my MBP. I'd been curious about getting a Mac Pro sometime in the future and I'm wondering of the Radeon x1900XT PCI-e I have would work in a Mac Pro. Even if the card would be compatible with the computer, would there be any OSX drivers for it? Running Parallels 3.0 would it be safe to install the ATI drivers for Windows or would that have some strange effect on OSX?

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    Mac versions of the card have different firmware. Non-Apple cards will only work in Windows.

    You can flash the PC card to work with a Mac, but you would need to purchase a power cable too since Apple cards use a custom one.

    Article on flashing:

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    Cool information. Has anybody here done this already?

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