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Stang7tl 06-01-2007 06:50 PM

help with processor upgrade help
can i upgrade to a faster dual processor like a dual 1.5ghz will i need to to reinstall the os and fcp ? or what?

bobtomay 06-01-2007 08:19 PM

Would check here, to see what your upgrade options may be.

Stang7tl 06-01-2007 08:40 PM

thanks for that link say it before but i really need to know if i can install the upgrade and not have to reinstall he Os 10.4 and final cut pro 4.5 hd

dtravis7 06-01-2007 09:07 PM

What Mac do you have? G4? Tower? Which model?

Stang7tl 06-01-2007 09:15 PM

g4 power mac tower digital audio dual 533mhz and want to upgrade I think to a dual 1.6 they sell for it.
and i dont have a the OS disc and my FCP 4.0 dvds are cracked and crewed with are new puppy

bobtomay 06-02-2007 03:04 AM

Am not a hardware guy when it comes to Mac's. On the hardware side in the build your own world, you would not have to do a re-install (windows/linux) for anything based solely on an upgrade to the processor. In very simplistic terms, it functions as a part of the motherboard which reports to the OS what it is there, similar to RAM. Would think, hardware wise it should be the same with the Mac. Did not find any reference to having to re-install in any of the articles I found on a quick search.

However, as a hardware enthusiast, some upgrades don't really make sense. Have not done any checking, and don't know what other hardware you have in your rig or if OWC's price is about average - a $450 upgrade part to a system that old seems a bit steep.

Stang7tl 06-02-2007 02:00 PM

i found a 1.6 dual for 270

dtravis7 06-02-2007 02:07 PM

I have that same machine here. Mine was a Digital Audio Single 667Mhz G4. Went to a 1.8 Ghz Single G4 from Giga Designs, 1.5GB PC133 RAM and an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro with 128-Megs VRAM. The system for a G4 flies and has been 100% stable and reliable.

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