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B&O 05-24-2007 10:43 AM

G4 mini, remote options?
My mac mini is slow, so I am upping the ram from 256 to 1gig and the HDD from 40gb to 160gb. Are there any remote upgrades, because I may just buy a new intel and sell this one the differences is cost seems quite small.

What are your views?

jakeroberts 05-26-2007 09:01 AM

If the graphics on you mini support core image then there is a hack to get front row working and a company called Keyspan makes an rf remote that they claim is 100% compatible with Mac. Google Andrew Escobar for the hack and there are links about the remote on the site. As far as buying a new Mac, I would wait until WWDC, there are likely changes coming including, possibly the demise of the Mini which may mean an updated entry level Mac. WWDC is June 12.

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