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Thread: Display/Monitor Query.

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    Display/Monitor Query.
    Hey guys.

    I'm new to the forums so first and foremost, hello!

    So here's my question, I have recently been consdering the option of getting a new "24 iMac to replace my broken PC, and I wondered if I could use the iMac to play my Xbox 360 through, as my TV as broken as well. Perfect timing, eh?

    You can use a VGA cable to play your xbox through a standard PC monitor, but I wondered if this could be with an iMac as everything is all in the display. Any ideas?


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    I heard of some kind of thing that plugs into a firewire or USB connection that will act as a video in. Otherwise, I am going to say nope. iMacs only do video out. There is no VGA port like standalone LCD monitors.

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