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    New iMac 24" with hum. Please advise
    I'm so glad I found this site! Lots of good info here. Anyway, I've got that hum problem that I find very disturbing. I can handle a slight fan noise....but this is like an electrical buzz. It gets louder and quieter....but I can't say it's because of screen brightness. It sometimes does it when asleep. Also, the screen does look darker in the lower left. It also tends to look a little red in the corners in dark scenes. Getting to the point, is this something I can take up with Apple under warranty? I know lots of people have this problem....just google: imac 24 hum and you'll see. I also have read that this is not a problem with all units.
    Anyone have any experiences or advise for me?

    Thanks very much!

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    I had a humming problem with one I bought reconditioned. If I dimmed the brightness I could hear it. If I set the brightness to full and dimmed using a software program called Shades it didnt happen.

    Needless to say, that combined with rather uneven display brightness lead me to return for a refund.

    Don't put up with it, get it repaired or replaced.

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    Bought a brand new iMac 24" 3.06GHz 4GB MEM 1TB HD 2 weeks ago.

    Soft hum, but enough to go nuts.

    Returned it, and today got a new one.

    Same story.

    I've read about this hum on different fora and ppl try to locate the problem.

    But I noticed putting the system 2 feet from a wall actually solves the problem. Now that's great if your desk is in the middle of the room, but not the case here.

    So this one's going back as well and I don't want another one.

    I have a white 20" and a recent aluminum 20" model both are DEAD SILENT. No hum, no squeeck, nothing...

    I think it's a serious flaw of the 24". At first I thought this new 3.06GHz processor needed some serious cooling but seems the 2.8GHz suffers the same problem.

    If you install iStat Pro from one can read the fan speeds.
    1198-1200 rpm all the time and according to others it's same on both 2.8 and 3.06 models.

    So I think Apple missed something here or they all have their pc's @ least 2 feet from a wall.

    So tomorrow this iMac is going back, no compromises. Sorry Apple !

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    To both of you, do this for me:

    Go to Apple menu -> about this mac. In this window, click More Info. System Profiler will launch. Go to the part that says Serial ATA. Tell me everything that it says in there. Certain hard drives make this noise (notably ones by WD.)

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