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    iMac G5 - Logic Board Problem...

    Yes yes I know, first post and he's on the ponce already.

    Was recommended this site by a friend as he knows I'm struggling here!

    My iMac broke recently with a DVD in the drive - I sent it off to be looked at assuming they would replace the DVD writer.

    They have contacted me today saying it is in fact a faulty "logic board".

    It's going to cost me *winces* 450 to get it fixed.

    This is all well and good but I just want to confirm (because they don't seem to be able to!) that the hard drive should be unaffected?

    I have loads of work and iPod tunes I stupidly never got around to backing up and can't replace.

    If it's unaffected I will tell them to go ahead with it, otherwise I may just let it die as it's too much money for a clean system!!

    Any advice would be HUGELY appreciated.


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    They can never guarantee the hard drive won't be wiped when it is taken in for service. You should always backup....

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