hi all...i have a bizillion questions about my future new macbook pro. I already know that it will be a tricked out 17", but the following are the 3 big questions to which i seek your counsel (feel free to answer one or all):
1- would you get apple care? or a different insurance? i travel a lot, have 15"powerbook for 3 years, and never had it....pressing my luck and hoping my USAA renters insurance is enough.
2-cloning...i know about superDuper and the others, but which is the best for data migration? and will i loose software licenses? And most of all, how does this software work when going from an older OS to a newer OS? i fear i will turn on my new macbookPro and see os 10.4, and not leapord (yes i will buy after leapard is available)
3-if you knew you were not going till buy till November, would you just wait till after MacWorld in January...just in case something big comes out???