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    Smile Memory for Mac Pro
    Hello everybody. I am about to make my transformation from PC (currently typing to you on btw) into a Mac Pro with a few added extras. Student discount is great, but i want the most out of it, and if i can outsource for some things like memory, save money, and improve my setup, then I'm all for it. I've asked the "Geek Squad" at Best Buy and they said sure, but they didn't seem to really care whether it was compatible or not, since i wasn't giving them something to work on and take money for. Enough rambling, will this ram be suitable for a Mac Pro
    and if not, what does this lack that i need to be looking for. I am about a month away from the beast, and i want to have my memory in house before it gets here so i can install it and get started. Thanks for the time and I hope to talk to you guys more often.

    PS I'm wanting to get about 8GB so that is why that particular model was interesting to me(CHEAP). Don't hold it against me if that is the wrong stuff, I'm just getting into Mac's so i don't know what they require.

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    You need RAM that is ECC Fully Buffered like this one. I added four of these into my MacPro. The price dropped after I bought the first pair. Crucial also has 2gb RAM like this one.

    Crucial has an excellent reputation so I'm willing to pay a little more for this assurance. RAM will run hot in a MacPro so you need a reliable product and should add heat sinks if not included.

    You don't want to go cheap on RAM for your MacPro because quality is more important. Cheap hard drives are OK though. I added three Seagate 500gb SATA drives from Newegg for $130 each.

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    We'll I appreciate the information. I can understand i don't want to short myself and my computer by putting crap in my system. I'd hate to spend $3000 on a Pro and then put something thats not good in it. Thanks for the help

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