Hey guys,

I've got a little problem / question, I have a 5200 ultra in my powermac. I'm looking to upgrade it here real soon, but I had a question. Does it support 1152 X 864 ? Mine will not go that resolution, it will do 1152 X 870. I am currently using a 17'' flat CRT (sync master 753df) and at 1152 X 870, the sides are squished. I dont want to run 1024. Is there any reason why the 5200 doesn't do 1152 X 864, it just seems strange to me. Any suggestions?

I am thinking about going with a new monitor as well, probably the 206BW by samsung, I can't afford a cinema display. I was thinking about going with the x800xt card, or 9800 pro, since I can't find anything comparable for nvidia, the 6800 is hard to find.

Any one have any suggestions to fix the little minor problem? Or any ideas / suggestions.


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