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Thread: Garbled Video Issue

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    Garbled Video Issue

    My Dad has an iMac G5 20", 1.8 Ghz, 1 GB RAM (no i-sight) that runs Panther 10.3.9 with all updates. He started to experience his desktop freezing for 10 seconds or so with the windows becoming blurred. Then on power up the gray screen would be all streaked with colors bouncing. I ran the full hardware test and it checked OK as it did not return any error code. So I wiped the HD and did a fresh install and same problems. If the iMac is booted into Safe Boot, the video problem goes away. Does Safe Boot disable advanced video chip features that may be the culprit? His S/N doesn't qualify for extended video warranty for earlier models.


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    I would have to say they are the exact symtoms for the caps blowing above the power supply on the logic board. One precise reason for the repair extention for the board and power supply. I have had it done on my G5 which qualified, but even the new logic board is showing the same capacitor bulging as the previous board. It has not started to show the same symptoms yet.
    I would take a look at the caps. They are at the bottom of the board just above the power supply. They are electrolytic and have a metallic shrink wrap and an X pattern on the top. When they bulge they look like a baked bun when they should be flat topped. When they blow, they ooze yellow goo.You can't miss it.

    Maybe you can build a solid case for the relapcement, but there are no guarantees.

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