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    Newb question
    I'm feeling a little stupid here ..

    I insert a CD and nothing happens (no icon on desktop or in Finder). I didn't hear the CD "whirl" up. Is there a keyboard command to run the disk?


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    Thanks for the help!! (can you feel the sarcasm?) Now the disk is stuck in the computer! AHH!! HELP!!! I have a G4 dual 1.5GHz with the mirrored front. How do I get my disk out?!

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    One way to eject the CD is shut down then power back up and hold down the mouse button till it ejects. If that does not work let us know.

    It could be an issue with the Optical drive as to why the discs are not showing up.

    Also what OS do you have installed on that Dual G4?

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    a) Resart and hold the mouse down upon hearing the Startup Chime.

    b) Have a look in Disc Utility and in the left pane you should see your disc as a mounted volume. Select it and eject from the menu.

    c) Check Show these items on the Desktop:

    CDs, DVDs, and iPods

    This option is found in Finder -> Preferences -> General

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    Thanks for the advice. The disk finally ejected itself after about 15 minutes and the computer said it was a blank DVD? It was supposed to be a installation disk for an audio program. I'm starting to think the whole computer is starting to go down. First I lost some memory, then my external firewire drives not working right, and now this!!

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