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Thread: Memory reading 0 Mhz??

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    Memory reading 0 Mhz??
    When I click on the Apple Icon and click "About this Mac" It shows that I have 1GB of memory installed, which I do, but at 0 Mhz. That can't be right. So I ran the hardware test twice and no problems found. I even checked the hardware profile and it reads 667 Mhz. Possibly a glich?

    I have an iMac Intel Core Duo 2Ghz w/ 1g of memory.

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    I would say probably a glitch.. but I will ask any way... did you install the ram yourself or get it from apple?
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    yea as long as your computer is running fine, its just a glitch.
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    You could try zapping the PRAM.

    Since Macs don't have a BIOS with user configurable memory timings, I believe they either detect it from the module or use a fixed CAS timing (not sure which). In this case it obviously can't detect the speed of it.

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    Not a big deal to me really. It runs just fine. Its a Viking value memory stick, self installed. I did have 2 x 1g sticks at one point, then I started having errors, did a system diag. and found the one of the sticks is bad. So I returned that one and never really got a chance to get another stick. I plan on upgrading using Apple memory this time 2x1g sticks and sell the Viking so their matching.

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