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    Considering Mac Mini.. questions.
    Hey everyone,

    I just sold my iBook G4 and at the moment I am living in a relatively small apartment in Dublin.

    Im currently using my GF's PC... because well, if I get a new mac/pc it would be a little cramped by the time I add all my geeky stuff!

    Heres what I was considering... I wanted to know is it possible.

    I wanted to get a Mac Mini, hide it out of view and share the Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse between the PC & Mac, just for now... when I get a bigger place eventually expand to this. Is this possible? Are there any disadvantages to this?

    I have a few other questions about the MAC mini:

    1) Is is difficult to upgrade the RAM, what is the maximum and does anyone know where I can get a video guide to do this?

    2) Likewise for the hard drive, what is the maximum size that I can put in there and would I be able to do this myself?

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    Hello, here is a guide for both your "other" questions. Also you can use a KVM switch to toggle between computers. You need to have a USB keyboard and mouse. As far as the ram goes, the low end mini from apple's site here in the states is $599 and $674 for a gig of ram. $75 extra gets you the gig out of the box and doesn't void your warranty. As far as storage goes its almost more cost effective to consider some external storage. I saw a gizmo called a stack or something that sat right on top of the mini and housed extra storage. You should be able to google and find it. One thing to keep in mind is that for what it costs to trick out a mini you can get into a decent iMac. Apart from that there are some folks in the buy sell trade sub-forum selling laptops.

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