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    Jan 18, 2007
    Indigo Imac, Please help
    I have and old Imac that I bought in 2000. (Indigo blue) Running os 9.0.4
    Is there anyway I can make this machine faster. Atleast to go online with?
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    What is the processor speed?
    Cheapest way, upgrade the RAM and hard drive. More RAM will make more things run more efficiently and a larger HD that is 7200 will help make things run faster because it takes less time to access info.
    The more expensive way, upgrade the entire logic board.
    Both ways will not lead to much benefit. It will help but it won't be super fast.
    You should be able to online with it. Internet Explorer should already be installed.

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    Jan 18, 2007
    is it expensive to upgrade HD? I believe the ram is 192, do you know how much ram it can take? (ram meaning memory chip?)
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    If it's one of the 333 (or faster) Mhz imacs I suggest maxing out the ram, 512 MB I think that would and upgrade to 9.2.2, then upgrade the furmware if needed, then upgrade to OS 10.3.9 And give the entire machine a clean with Onyx. And actually for general internet surfing etc that machine would be quite adequate. Just a note, installing 10.3 will take ages. But it's worth it, as it rums on the machine quite ok. And relatively fast. Well for a machine of it's age.

    If it's only a 266 Mhz then do the same as above. But only upgrade to OS 10.2.8 And that works just fine that way. But most applications don't support 10.2 anymore. Still it's better nothing.

    And for either flavour you have (I'm not sure which) a bigger and faster hard drive as stated above would be nice. But not essential. My old 333mhz imac had 80 GB on it and I had it about 2/3 filled.

    And one thing I've noticed about macs in general. Is you can rum applications on a machine a little below the minimum specs a software requires. Sure it's not optimal running sometimes. But the app works. And that's what I've always liked about macs.

    And all the info you'd ever want or need about your mac (or any other) like how much memory to can have or the newest OS it can handle etc can all be found in an app called Mactracker.

    And for going online, Sarafi and Firefox should work work just fine on that machine. But any kind of online video (eg youtube) might be a little show though. Apart from that it works fune.

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    Ok heres an article on upgrading an iMac G3 from lowendmac .....
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    you can probably find an iMac g4 on ebay for about $400...about the same as upgradin ur old imac, plus u get a flat screen!
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    I was just going to say what narf did... but he beat me to it...

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