Hi, I recently did a cpu upgrade on my intel mac mini.

Long story short.. i busted off one of the little tiny surface mount resisters (i think thats what it is), I couldn't t find the piece so I put it all back to gether and the thing works!!! I am using it right now.. but now my ethernet adapter does not work so I am using my wireless.

Also I have noticed that my itunes will not authorize to play purchased content.. do you think this is related to my breaking the logic board or is it a coincidence?
and I have software called missing sync by marc space and it too crashes now.. but everything else on my computer works like brand new.. do you think this is related to the logic board being busted?

also is there any kind of scematic out there that i can view to see what exactly i busted off so that I could replace it.. please help me out because I don;t want to buy a whole new logic board just for that little 2cent part..