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    Talking is 17" big enough??
    I am a PC user and I have come to the conclusion, that for me, mac is the way forward.

    3 PC's in 18mths. All with the same failures.
    Slow, Boring, Predictable
    LOUD -WAY WAY LOUD. Fans seem to always be on

    Basically, I thought this would be the best place to voice my questions in a bid that you can help me to be prepared.

    Firstly : iMac or Mini? - Im thinking iMac, cos everything is already there!

    Also, is a 17" iMac big enough a screen for me to use as an everyday surfing the web, msn and hmwrk kind of computer?

    Speed : What RAM would you recommend and any other stats you think I should be aware of.

    Sorry for the length of this question. I just want to get it right first time round. With the luck I've had over the past few years, its about time i get a decent computer!!

    Cheers everyone


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    we have a 17" G5 with built-in i-sight. My wife loves it. she uses it for the same things you say you will use it for. i do some (very minimal) design stuff and i think that a 20" would have been is still a great computer and loks really sharp. It has built in 512mB of RAM and it is quite suffficient. I do perfer 1GB of RAM but my budget doesnt allow.

    If you have a PC and a large monitor that you like already, i would save some money and go for the mini. since you are trying to get away from the PC world, i would at least buy the keyboard and mouse to give it an apple type of feel if you do go with the mini.

    Either is a great choice!!

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    for your, needs, i would think 17" is big enough. for video/photo editing, the 20" is really nice. but i surf/music/word process on my macbook and the 13" screen works u should be alright with 17.
    as for the specs of the computer, go for the higher end 17" model. 1gb or ram should be fine, but 2gb will make the computer last even longer.
    and all the iMacs are whisper quiet, dont worry
    iMac Aluminum 20" 2.4 ghz 2gb RAM 300gb HD
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    iMac 17" 1.8GHz C2D iSight 1GB RAM 160GB HDD
    I have a 17" One.

    I wouldnt go for any bigger, as the 17" is truly a massive screen.

    I love mine - I 100% Recommend iMac 17", I have 1.83GHz C2D with 512mb of RAM, its fine.

    No crashing - No lagging - Just pure fun

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