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    Going to sleep restarts my computer
    When I click on sleep or the computer goes to sleep due to the power settings, the computer restarts. I've tried logging off and using that menu. It does the same thing. And I've done permission repairs and disk repairs. Neither work.

    I'm on an IMac G5 with the newest OS X 10.4.9. I have an airport router and I use a program to turn my computer off when it's off for an alarm. Everything seems to work fine, except I can't sleep the computer when I go to school or ever.

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    What's this mean? "program to turn my computer off when it's off for an alarm"

    Turn the sleep setting off. Close the Preferences Panel. Turn the setting back on. Try to sleep and wake the machine. Did that work?
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    I mean I have a program that will turn the computer on when it's off and play a play list in iTunes. Aurora. It is a nice little program.

    And yes that worked. I went to the Energy Saver settings and turned the display sleep and computer sleep to never, and I also turned off the "wake from ethernet for admin access" box. Seemed to work. I'll put it back and then if it still works great. If it still doesn't work I'll let you know.

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